What More Can I Tell You?

It’s all gone. Four years of writing. Hundreds of thousands of words. All gone. I deleted the vast majority of my blog posts today.

It’s possible that some of the wrestling-related stuff got archived and that’s fine. I think I’m done writing on here. I’ve kept a few select pieces up, but nothing too personal.

I don’t want to write these anymore. I just don’t have anything else to say. It doesn’t matter what I think about anything that doesn’t pertain directly or even indirectly to me. I want to be on social media less, while I’m at it. Facebook is a useless website. Twitter occasionally pukes up something interesting but it feels like I’m just throwing bulletins into a hole. I’ve aged out of Tiktok, Snapchat, Discord, etc.

There are a million things going in culture and politics and a million other people who can do a better job encapsulating those events and commenting on them. I have been just another voice in the Greek chorus, wanting to be the lead. That’s not where I belong.

It was therapeutic, so it served it’s purpose. I went back and looked at each one as I deleted them and I saw how much I have changed as a person. I was a little sad at the person I used to be, but I’m proud at how far I’ve come.

I have no idea when I’ll write if I decide to do it again, but I’m comforted in knowing that my voice will not be missed.

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