Notable People Who Have Been Known To Sleep Naked

  • Tyrese (actor)
  • Alan White (Yes drummer)
  • Marina Abramović (performance artist)
  • Alan White (Oasis drummer)
  • Janet Jackson (singer)
  • Roy Wood, Jr. (comedian)
  • Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson)
  • Daniel Craig (actor)
  • Victoria Sun (topless girl from “Too Many Cooks”)
  • Ted Cruz (U.S. Senator)
  • Kenny Omega (pro wrestler)
  • Ariana Grande (singer) *
  • Pewdiepie (????)
  • Kenny Smith (basketball player and analyst)
  • Bo Burnham (singing comedian)
  • Gina Carano (MMA fighter and actress)
  • Rob (from Rob & Big)
  • Big (from Big & Rich)
  • Perry Caravello (Windy City Heat actor, gay activist)
  • Lil’ Boosie (rapper, pundit)
  • Susan Faludi (feminist (????!) and author)
  • Hitoshi Matsumoto (comedian and TV presenter)
  • Eric Andre (actor and journalist)
  • George W. Bush (43rd President of the United States)
  • Roger Taylor (Duran Duran)
  • Skeletor (from Masters Of The Universe)
  • Jeff Ross (comedian, roastmaster)
  • Uma Thurman (actress)
  • Santa Claus (self-explanatory)
  • D.H. Lawrence (author, Lady Chatterley’s Lover)
  • Peter Steele (Type O Negative)

* Some sources dispute the nudity of Ms. Grande’s sleeping habits as it is well-known that she rests in a vat of vanilla lotion. This is pure hogwash. Whether one sleeps in sheets, vats of lotion or even layers of bubble wrap, it does not make them any less nude. Leave Ms. Grande alone.

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