Farmer’s Rule

It was not long ago when I said to myself, “You may be on the best run you’ve had in a long time.” Three visits to the healthpark a week were making me feel better, more mobile and stronger. An instructor showed me upper and lower body exercises to do in the therapy pool and I alternate each session between the two.

My mood had improved and I felt the push of momentum in my direction. This is when Farmer’s Rule hit me like a ton of bricks. The rule that says as soon I notice how well things are going for me, things stop going well and I fall back into the dumps.

Perhaps you have your own version of this rule. It’s been a long time since Farmer’s Rule bit me partially because it’s been so long since I’ve actually felt good for a sustained period of time. A few months of activity can mean a lot.

But now I’m back in my low mood, which is my usual state of mind. Farmer’s Rule hit me about two weeks ago and now I’m feeling it hard.

Yet in the face of depression I remain active. Last week, I went out five days in a row. Between workouts and events I had to attend, I was out and about a lot. It might be that the workouts are keeping me going, which is good. I look forward to working out. I would do it four or five times a week if I could afford the gas to go.

Right now I want to sleep more. I don’t want to take care of things around the house. But I want to go to the healthpark. I don’t want to write. Last night, I was looking into the fridge when I thought to myself “why are you even alive”. But I keep going. I am still here. I still want to work out. I still want to live. Mostly because I haven’t gotten the full run out of life. I haven’t done everything I want to do. I want more and more and more. And who else can make that happen?

Let’s Talk Battlebots

This is the content you need today. Take a moment. Enjoy yourself. Battlebots is on the Discovery Channel and if you’re not watching it you are a sucker. Battlebots ought to be the national pastime. Nobody uses HGH, nobody gets a concussion. Fighting robots get destroyed.

I would like to share with you some of the fighting robots from this season along with their owners/builders/operators. If what I write seems mocking, believe me when I say I have a great affection for these robots and the people for making them. It is all in fun. I love this damn show. It is the only show.


This is Captain Shrederator. Look at this majestic American Beauty ™. In some ways the Captain is just like the USA, in that it’s completely unwieldy and hasn’t had a victory at all this season.


This is Predator and its’ builders, the inspiration for the three nerds in that Simpsons episode where Homer goes to college.


This is Battle Royale With Cheese, created by the Shitty Halloween Costume delegation. Notice the rotating blade that looks like a slice of bacon.


This is Sawblaze, one of the top contenders to win the 2018 championship. If this team’s story were made into a Hollywood film, the Asian-Americans would be portrayed by ScarJo and Tilda Swinton.


This is Sharkoprion and yes THE TAIL IS A WEAPON! These old hippies made a robot out of recycled parts, including the spinning saw in the front. Glorious. Yes, they have seen Dead & Company and no it’s not the same without Jerry.


This is Duck. This guy Ducks.


Here is Yeti. You see that spinning drum? It can get up to 4000 RPMs and it has SPIKES on it. Sometimes it hits other robots so hard that it knocks itself out. It’s the 2004 Jermaine O’Neal of Battlebots.


I dunno, folks.


Here is Ultimo Destructo, which sounds like the kind of name a child would come up with. I approve. Children should be naming these things. Sharkoprion is too literary and Battle Royale With Cheese is too clever. Dumb childlike names are cool.


This is Tombstone, the big bad of Battlebots. You can’t mess with Tombstone. The guy on the left is the chief builder and he’s as close to a bad guy as Battlebots gets. If this robot could wear a shirt, it would say “I AM A MOTHERFUCKER” and it would beat up strangers on the bus.


Here is Kraken. What a silly-looking robot. The kids shouldn’t be made to stand near this abomination. This is the server staff that sings Happy Birthday to you at the nautical-themed family restaurant.


Finally, we have Warhead from the British delegation. This thing looks like a cyborg half-way through a transformation. It looks like a junk sculpture that would be sold to some coked-out investor for waaaayyy too much money.

When Shark Week on Discovery is over, you gotta start watching Battlebots. New episodes on Friday. You’ll love it. It’s a way of life.

The Bitch In Matt Bevin

Any last words before I hit the switch 
From the immortal words of one, a bitch is a bitch – Common

Fuck that, ’cause like Common and Cube, I see the bitch in you
And I’m a make the world see it too, motherfucker -Canibus

Matt Bevin has shown himself to be a bitch ever since his election to the governor’s office in November 2015. This has been a long story and it is by no means over.


Republican Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is throwing a temper tantrum because a federal judge struck down his plan to add work requirements to Medicaid. His response? Taking away dental and vision benefits from nearly 500,000 people.Splinter


What a sad little man Matt Bevin is. He filed for that waiver shortly after he entered office. In the summer of 2016, the state held three policy meetings on the waiver, in Frankfort, Bowling Green and Harlan.


By coincidence, I was the very first called to speak at the Bowling Green meeting. I can tell you that literally none of the dozens who spoke at that meeting supported that waiver proposal. The Benefind plan (created during the Steve Beshear administration) was a great example for the rest of the country of how Medicare could help citizens. Kentucky has some of the country’s highest obesity rates, diabetes rates, you name it.
Bevin has dismantled Benefind by coming up with KyNect, and making people work for their health care. Never mind that many Medicare recipients either cannot work or already work full-time but can’t afford private insurance. It either hasn’t occurred to Bevin or it has occurred to him and the bitch in him wants to take it out on everyone.

It’s almost as if people with no government experience shouldn’t be elected to high office or something. Maybe Bevin should have started as a state congressman or dog catcher and worked his way up like most people who want to be in politics but aren’t millionaires.

Being from private business, Bevin doesn’t get that he doesn’t own Kentucky. A businessman buys a property, he wants to knock down some walls, paint some other walls a different color, rip out the carpet, etc. etc. This isn’t his property. He still doesn’t realize that he works for Kentucky.

Or he doesn’t care.

The way I see it, we’ve got sixteen more months of this bitch-made motherfucker before the Kentucky gubernatorial election of 2019. We have to vote the bastard out. He was the canary in the coal mine that brought us Trump and brought Brexit to the UK. I feel with all my heart that as important as the 2018 midterms will be, Kentucky in 2019 is the bellwether for the rest of the country.

August 2019 Update: It seems that a lot of Kentucky has begun to agree with me. Unfortunately, it has taken them personally being affected by Bevin sticking his finger in their pies before that happened. Andy Beshear is his Democratic opponent this November and if people actually do what they should have done four years ago and ACTUALLY GO OUT AND VOTE then Beshear will be the next Governor.

I now realize that throwing facts and figures at people like Matt Bevin (and Trump for that matter) doesn’t work. They don’t listen to people who don’t have as money as they do. People like us can’t possibly be as smart as they are because we’re not as rich as they are, according to their logic. Even if they inherited their family business, like Bevin did, or literally got an inheritance and repeated handouts like Trump did. They’re millionaires and billionaires, venture capitalists, people who commit hostile takeovers of business and wield their power like a ball-peen hammer over the heads of the people they now employ.

There are two of kinds of respect you can earn. One is when you pull a gun on someone, much like a bank robber or a terrorist. And the other is when you work for it. When you show people that you’ve earned it and that you deserve their respect because you’ve given it to them return.

Which way do you think Matt Bevin is used to be respected? How would you want to be respected?

November 2019 Update: Andy Beshear (current state Attorney General and son of former governor Steve Beshear) narrowly defeated Bevin in the general election. Bevin lost by about 5,000 votes, refuses to concede, and has called for a canvass, claiming so-called voting irregularities.

When you’re the only Republican to lose a state-wide race in Kentucky, you have to be one incredible asshole. Matt Bevin fit the bill with his toxic alienation. He fought with state workers, teachers, and members of his own party, among many others. He was and is a rich dick and a sore loser on top of it.

And yet he only lost by 5,000 votes. Even the incredibly-popular (in Kentucky) Donald Trump couldn’t get him over the finish line with a Election eve rally at Rupp Arena. Kentuckians turned out in droves. A half-million more voters than four years prior when the Democrats ran the bland, inoffensive, uninspiring Jack Conway.

I’m not even sure Jack Conway is his name and I’m not even going to Google it. Whoever he was, he was so anodyne he couldn’t beat Bevin, a then-libertarian who gave a speech at a cock-fighting rally in 2014.

Andy Beshear is not a charismatic progressive crusader, but he ran a careful campaign, focusing on Kentucky, while Bevin fear-mongered about socialism, abortion, and LGBTQ issues (Boys might pretend their girls to cheat at sports! EGAD!). The one-time libertarian conservative taped his dick to Trump’s dick. Which would be some feat, if Stormy Daniels is telling the truth.