It’s Only Up To You

This song by the Sensational Alex Harvey Band has been for years the song I go to in moments of deep sorrow.

I’ve seen stars disappear in a hurry

overdoses in satin and silk


some others who can’t feed their children

’cause they don’t have the money for milk…



There are some folks got nothing to live for

Some folks got nothing to lose

So don’t ask me for pity


No complaints department blues

There is no complaints department

It’s only up to you


In the wake of the last few days of news, it must be stressed. It’s only up to us. We can’t wait for the cavalry. We are the cavalry. We can’t depend on the Democrats, the mainstream media, or the courts. Even if Robert Mueller has the blood that was on Trump’s hands in his possession, it may not be enough.

It is up to us and it always has been but never has it been clearer than right now. Every day feels like a setback but if we push back then we might eventually get America to be what we were told it was when we were children.