Tips About Dating From A Celibate

Have you heard about this “incel” thing? If you have, then you don’t need me to explain. If you haven’t I will not explain it to you here and I caution you to avoid looking it up because it will make you depressed about humanity. Let’s be honest, there are so many things that can dishearten us. Why add to the list unless we absolutely must?


Man and Woman. Mars and Venus. Blue and Pink. Eating laundry pods and the cinnamon challenge. A mystery as old as time and as irritating as sunburn with no aloe to put on it.

I can help you. I’m out of the game, folks. I should write a book about it and sell it or something. If Steve Harvey can do it, why not me?

There are two things you need to know in this dating life. 1. Men are trash. 2. Women aint shit.

That’s it.

Men are trash. Women aint shit. You’re welcome.

I know you’re tempted to elaborate on the many ways men are trash or the many ways women aint shit but I’m gonna have to ask you to put that on the backburner and get your dicks out of your hearts for a moment. Also, you can’t say that one is because of the other nor can you say one is true but the other is more true. You’re only making yourself more miserable when you don’t do that.

If you’re a woman and you attempt to show cause why men are more trash then women are not shit, you will give yourself a headache and accomplish nothing. The men who already know about the worst of our worstness are on your side and the ones who don’t don’t care. Be mad at the sun.

If you are a man and you attempt to deflect from the intrinsic trashiness of your kind by sharing anecdotes about women not being worth shit, you will accomplish nothing except showing women what a trashbag s.o.b. you are. Maybe you’re not a trashbag s.o.b. but you appear to be a defender of such and that’s just about as bad.

In the world of equations, we have x and y. We don’t have x but y or x because of y. Nor do we have yes x but y is worse. We only have x and y. Men are trash and women aint shit. This is no hill to die on.