Good News When You Tell Me You Love Me

Suggested listening: “Good News” by the Fifth Dimension

Once upon a time long ago, Rhino Records held a vinyl record sale in their parking lot. Aisles and aisles of records out in the warm weekend sun, with a wrestling ring (!) in the middle of the lot. Occasionally, two luchadores would come out to have a match to entertain shoppers. I saw one such match and attempted to give them a record to use as a weapon in the match but was refused. One of the records I bought that afternoon was “Stoned Soul Picnic” by the Fifth Dimension. It’s a great album and you should try to find it if possible, with songs by Laura Nyro, Jimmy Webb and Ashford & Simpson.

“Stoned Soul Picnic” has a song on it titled “Good News”, which was written by Don and Dick Addrisi. The best way to describe it musically is like a proto-“Raspberry Beret” with a funky uptempo beat with a string section over the top. This is a poor description and if/when you ever hear “Good News” you’ll think I’m being ridiculous. Just listen to the chorus and tell me what you think.

I keep thinking about “Good News” because I have good news in my life. I’ve gone a whole month without any soft drinks/sodas/pops. As a result, I’ve lost twenty (!) pounds.

Since I’m not drinking soda, I’m not eating potato chips nearly as much. Less sodium, less caffeine. I’m making slightly healthier choices in my diet. I’m getting more dairy, drinking chocolate milk (mostly because I can’t stand regular milk). The orthopedic doctor told me to drink milk every day to help heal my ankle but not soy or almond milk because that won’t help with osteoporosis or fixing a ankle fracture.

I’m mobile which is good for someone in my current situation. Up and about with the boot when I have to go out. I take my crutches with me in case of emergency or inclement weather. I feel better. My skin looks better. I’m not sludgey or dragged down nearly as much as before.

I said I wanted to go at least six months without soda and I’m pretty damn sure I can do it. I don’t miss it nearly as much as I thought I would. Part of why is because of my health but also because I tend to avoid things that make me feel bad and the last few weeks of soda pop made me feel terrible. My stomach hated me for it.

I’m beginning to feel like I can actually live a better life and that excites me. The possibility of making real permanent changes for the better gives me hope that I didn’t have before. I’m putting in the work. I’m on the path and it feels good.

This is definitely the year that I really work on myself. Everything else takes a backseat for the time being. I want to do it now so I won’t be too sick to do it in the future. Four words that I finally have the confidence to say: I can do it.

Good news when I tell me I love me. I’ll put my world back together again.